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‘Wireless’ Trailer: Steven Soderbergh’s Quibi Thriller Finds Tye Sheridan Fighting For Survival

'Wireless' Trailer: Tye Sheridan Fights For

You know that feeling of panic when your phone’s battery is at 1% and there is no charger sight? Well, imagine that feeling and you’re trapped in the snow. That is exactly the level of anxiety that Tye Sheridan is feeling in the new trailer for the Quibi thriller Wireless created by Zach Wechter and Jack Seidman and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh.

In the new series, Sheridan plays a college student Andy Braddock who is heading to a New Years Eve party to try and win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend. While traveling through the Colorado mountains, his car hurtles into a ravine. He ends up stranded, wounded and has nothing but a dying cell phone as a lifeline.

True to Quibi’s innovative technology in “turnstile” storytelling, Wireless blends two narratives simultaneously. When you watch the series horizontally, you get a cinematic view and once you twist your phone vertically, you see Andy’s phone as your own. Footage of Wireless was featured at Quibi’s big CES unveil in January.

Wireless also features Lukas Gage, Francesca Reale, Mace Coronel, Sydney Park, Andie MacDowell and Eric Dane. Wechter, who co-wrote the series with Seidman, also directs.  Seidman and Wechter also serve as Executive Producers alongside Soderbergh, Michael Sugar, Cathy Konrad (Treeline Film), Danny Sherman (Thruline Entertainment), Ben Silverman, Howard Owens, Rodney Ferrell, and Greg Lipstone (Propagate). Producers are Christian Heuer (Alpen Pictures), Isabel San Vargas (Propagate), Mike Glasz (Pickpocket). Matt Pittman is Co-Producer: Matt Pittman (Pickpocket).

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