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‘The Other Two’ Creators Discuss Justin Bieber, Jealousy & Pivoting To Molly Shannon – The Contenders Emmys Video

The Other Two

Comedy Central’s The Other Two may be the only show on television that has a storyline based on Justin Bieber getting ill as a result of eating too many eggs. The show follows Brooke, played by Heléne Yorke, and Cary, played by Drew Tarver, who must deal with their younger brother Chase, played by Case Walker, becoming incredibly famous as a tween pop star.

Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly, who created, co-wrote and exec produce the show, told the sold-out audience at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys recently that the Chase character is not directly based on the Baby star.

The Other Two“When we were at SNL, Justin Bieber got a little sick because his manager was only letting him eat raw eggs or egg whites to get his body jacked, so that was a specific story that we remember and used in the show,” Kelly said. “Chase is based on the kids who are based on Justin Bieber — the newer, younger, Internet, YouTube-type kids who grew up watching Justin Bieber, who have taken on his mannerisms and he’s their idol. It’s like a third generation of kid.”

Schneider says that at the show’s heart it is a “family comedy,” but they wanted to make sure that their tween star was not a monster who would be easy to dismiss.

The show features some incredibly catchy music numbers, penned by Leland, who actually writes for self-made online star Troye Sivan, in a similar fashion to their previous gig in charge of Saturday Night Live. But Kelly says that writing a 10-part series was a different challenge.

“It is crazier working on something for such a long time. SNL, for better or worse, you write something and on Saturday you find out whether it was good or bad and people tell you very loudly either way,” he said. “So, to work on something for years before it comes out was daunting but we really liked it. At SNL we wrote a lot of music videos, and this is still a part of this show, but we liked the ability to dig deeper and tell longer stories that didn’t need to pay off right away.”

The pair are now in the writers’ room for The Other Two‘s second season, which looks set to feature more of Molly Shannon, who plays the trio’s mother and is becoming famous herself.

“We kind of pivoted towards Molly at the end of the season — you kind of have to when you have Molly Shannon,” Schneider said. “We’re excited to see how, now [that] she’s in the spotlight, how it would feel if your mom was famous.”

Watch our conversation above.



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