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‘The Innocents’ Review: Appealing YA Superpower Series Needs Greater Focus

[WATCH] 'The Innocents' Review: YA Shapeshifter

Debuting in just a few hours on Netflix, The Innocents is a young adult adventure series with a super powered edge that could truly bound over some of its powerful influences if it was just more tempered.

A Venn diagram of sorts of Stranger Things, The OA and 13 Reasons Why plus a bit of Marvel’s The Gifted and Cloak & Dagger, the Sorcha Groundsell and Percelle Ascott led series has an intriguing show at its core, as I say in my video review above. However, the eight-episode tale of teen love, adventure, family secrets, an evil Nordic based scientist played in earth tones by Guy Pierce, and the emerging ability of Groundsell’s June to become other people when her adrenaline gets pumping is hindered by a sometimes glacial pace.

First time TV producing creators Simon Duric and Hania Elkington would have served their ambitions much better if UK originating The Innocents was cut in half from its current around eight hours to a leaner and more killer, less filler four.

As it is, the romp of the excellent Ascott’s Harry and June to London and then further, literally and figuratively, loses more and more traction each episode getting bogged down in, to quote The Innocents itself, “what happens next”

Yet, with all that, I still say, gulp down a big pot of coffee and binge The Innocents this weekend.

Like many a superhero show and film, for better and worse, this first season is about telling the origin story and setting the stage. No spoilers and check out my video review of The Innocents above, but with a second season almost preordained by the arc of Season 1, I say drill through the opening episodes. Do that and you’ll be prepped for when The Innocents returns and takes off the training wheels and the kid gloves – because that’ll be where things get really interesting.


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