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Stephen Colbert Geeks Out With ‘Veep’ Cast: Fave Episode, Last Line, Biggest Potty Mouth

Stephen Colbert Geeks Out With 'Veep'

In their last TV interview together as a cast, the Veep gang shared with super-fan Stephen Colbert their first impressions of early scripts, fave improv moment, who has dirtiest off-camera mouth.

“This is a show that is a satire of the culture of politics,” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus said when Colbert pressed her to explain to those not familiar with the HBO series.

The Armando Iannucci-created comedy works hard not to identify party, she said. They knew they’d succeeded when people at extremes of each political party commended the show for savaging the other side “which is very satisfying.”

Dreyfus told Colbert when she learned of the project she said “If I don’t get this job I’m going to kill myself. No, that’s not true — just a joke.”

Added Tim Simons, “We should have moment of silence for the other actresses who did not get the job.”

The cast described it was a town of wonderful hard-working behind-the-scenes types who appreciate that the show reveals what monsters their bosses are. One such staffer told them, on his third drink, “my job isn’t to get my congressperson’s ideas out there. My job it so [expletive] up my rival’s day. All I have to do it keep their message from getting out.”

And then there’s the question of what happened to Gary’s fiancee:




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