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‘Initials S.G.’ Star Julianne Nicholson Discusses Her Passion For Global Cinema — Tribeca Studio

'Initials S.G.' Star Julianne Nicholson Discusses

During the summer of 2014, Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia went down to Argentina, to cut their Independent Spirit Award-winning H., stumbling in the process on the idea for their next feature. Titled Initials S.G., this film would evoke their experience of the World Cup, during which an entire city rallied behind its team, only to be crushed with defeat. As Attieh told Deadline recently, there was “something really nice about the energy” of that.

In the film, Diego Peretti plays Sergio, an aging Argentine who models himself off of Serge Gainsbourg, and is struggling to create a career for himself as an actor, while enduring the worst few days of his life.

Starring opposite Peretti, Julianne Nicholson joined her directors at the Tribeca Film Festival, explaining why she, too, appreciates the World Cup. In American culture, sports are looked at somewhat differently: “There’s always a winner and a loser,” the actress, explained. With such an aggressive emphasis on competition, there’s little opportunity to experience “a country unified behind a team,” something that feels special, by comparison.

A fan of the “beautiful and unique” H., Nicholson was equally taken in by the script for Initials S.G. “It’s like nothing I had read before, and I thought the character they created in Sergio was just so intriguing. I knew already that Diego Peretti was cast, and I just loved his face,” she shared in studio. “I was picturing him telling that story, and it just was something that I thought would be really fun to be a part of.”

For Nicholson, it was important to emphasize the value in engagement with the stories of other countries, and their respective cultures. “I [love] the idea of traveling, going to other places. It’s not just about America,” the actress said. “ It’s not just about what’s happening in the English language.”

For more from our conversation with the talents behind the Tribeca pic, take a look above.

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