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Harrison Ford Narrates PSA Urging 1 Million To Volunteer For COVID Vaccine Trials

Harrison Ford Narrates PSA Urging 1

The race to find a vaccine for the debilitating coronavirus must be moving toward reality. Skydance Media Chief David Ellison has overseen the production of a PSA and is in the process of enlisting broadcasters to try and gain volunteers to make the late stage testing possible. The push is positioned as being selfless and doing something for the greater good. Here is Ellison’s email and you can watch the PSA also. Would you volunteer to test out a vaccine, is the question for which there is no easy answer. Though it does sound favorable to the ingestion of household cleaning products, a suggestion made not long ago by President Trump.

From: David Ellison


I hope this e-mail finds you well during these trying times. I am writing with an urgent call to action in the fight for a Covid-19 vaccine. Through a partnership with the National Institutes of Health we have created a PSA with Harrison Ford voicing to enroll Covid-19 vaccine trial participants in the United States. Five hundred thousand Americans have already bravely volunteered for the database to be considered for the trials, but we need at least one million more to complete the study in hopes of getting to an effective vaccine.

We are asking that you please consider supporting the attached PSA across all available platforms including broadcast, social, web, and personal networks. In support of this mission critical volunteer program, our self-funded PSA features current trial participants urging others to do the same. Our PR campaign launches tomorrow, September 25 with CBS this Morning committed to launch the PSA editorially and on air with others to follow.

This non-profit effort is being funded by my family’s Ellison Institute of Transformation Medicine led by Dr. David Agus (copied), which has been working closely with the NIH on this most vital initiative in our lifetime- the development and deployment of a Covid-19 vaccine. The National Institute of Health thanks you, the people of our Country thank you. Vaccines are not political, rather an attempt for science to help us win against this horrible virus.

Here’s some background on where the trials stand and what your support means:

• Phase 3 vaccines from Astra Zeneca/ OxfordUniversity, Moderna, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, and Novovax are currently being tested, in addition to monoclonal antibody treatment and prevention programsfrom Astra Zeneca, Regeneron, and Eli Lilly.

• We need 1.5 million Americans total (of all race, sex, geographic location and underlying medical conditions) to sign up for possible inclusion in the studies( sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

• The clinical trials are presently being done at close to 100 medical centers across the US. The trials should be ongoing through March of next year and will provide read outs on these important Covid-19 prevention and treatment strategies.

This pandemic has profoundly stricken every citizen on this earth, and the sooner we complete these trials, the sooner we can deliver an effective vaccine and treatments. A link to the PSA is below in various formats, and Dr. David Agus and I are available to discuss in detail at your convenience.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration and hope we can count on you in one of the most important endeavors of our lifetime!


David Ellison
Chief Executive Officer, Skydance Media

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