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Miles Teller On Vinny Paz’s “Warrior Mentality” In ‘Bleed For This’: Toronto Studio

There’s been a number of boxing films lately, and while underdog is the de rigueur theme throughout all of them, there’s nothing like the fall, then the severe drop, and then the ultimate rise of two-time world champion fighter Vinny Pazienza aka Vinny Paz. Here’s a boxer who collapsed due to near-fatal hydration following his battle with Roger Mayweather in 1988. Soon after becoming a two-time world champ, Pazwas in a near-fatal car crash in 1991. Nearly paralyzed with a… Read

Natalie Portman On ‘Jackie’: “She Took This Real Control Over Her Family’s Story” – Toronto Studio

Six years ago, the news broke about a potential Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy movie with Rachel Weisz in the title role, and her then fiancé Darren Aronofsky directing from Noah Oppenheim’s script. At last year’s Berlin, Pablo Larrain was approached by Aronofsky about directing Jackie after the Black Swan director, then head of the Berlin jury, was floored by the Chilean director’s competition entry The Club. Natalie Portman watched The Club in Paris, and soon after, decided… Read

‘The Journey Is The Destination’: The Fast Times & Life Of Photojournalist-Activist Dan Eldon – Toronto Clip

EXCLUSIVE: Screening today at the Toronto International Film Festival is Bronwen Hughes’ The Journey Is the Destination from Voltage which is based on the first of three journals by English- photojournalist African activist Dan Eldon who was stoned to death with three of his colleagues by an angry mob in Mogadishu.  Raised in Nairobi, by the time he was a teenager, Eldon was organizing a daredevil supply run to Mozambican refugees. Eldon opted to skip high school to cover… Read

‘Horace And Pete’: Louis C.K. On Creative Process – Emmys

Louis C.K. took a huge personal and creative risk with Horace and Pete, his bittersweet, topical and poignant working class dramedy revolving around a Brooklyn bar that has been owned by the same family since 1916 – and always run by a Horace and a Pete (modern Horace is played by C.K and his cousin Pete by co-star Steve Buscemi). C.K. not only funded the series out of his own pocket and released it for sale exclusively through his website, he also made the show in… Read

‘Horace And Pete’: How Louis C.K. Landed An All-Star Cast – Emmys

Horace and Pete was one of 2016’s nicer surprises, a bittersweet, working class dramedy made in secret by creator-star Louis C.K. that debuted to almost no fanfare on his website earlier this year. But one of the biggest surprises was the stellar cast he assembled to star with him, including Steve Buscemi, Alan Alda, Edie Falco, Steven Wright, Kurt Metzger, and Jessica Lange. Not bad for a production C.K. funded himself. At a recent Awardsline screening for Horace and Pete… Read

Louis C.K. On Launching Web Series ‘Horace And Pete’ – Emmys

After winning over Emmy voters, critics and fans with his FX series Louie, why did comedic filmmaker Louis C.K. decide to air his bar room drama series Horace and Pete on the web?  At a recent Awardsline screening  — C.K.’s only appearance during the Emmy voting nom phase in Los Angeles — the stand-up comedian explains. The reasons are both partially artistic and commerce-related. However, all news about C.K. going bankrupt from producing this passion project are false… Read

Gillian Jacobs On Connecting With Her ‘Love’ Alter Ego – Emmys

When Loves Gillian Jacobs was faced with portraying a character who struggles with sobriety, the actress, who doesn’t share the same struggle, attributes her performance to “a great script” which she described as “beautiful, accurate, and truthful.” Created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Afrin and co-star Paul Rust, the Netflix original series is a deep yet funny look into the pitfalls, anxiety and occasional payoffs of a post-modern romance era. Though Jacobs doesn’t relate to… Read

‘Underground’s Alano Miller: “If We Don’t Acknowledge Our Past, Then How Can We Move Forward?” – Emmys

WGN’s hit new series Underground did more than just put the burgeoning network on the map. The series, about a group of revolutionaries trying to escape enslavement, does deeper than its premise. “The show becomes about worth, it’s ‘What is your worth at the end of the day?'” offered Alano Miller, who plays the cunning Cato, one of the seven escapees (deemed the Macon 7). The show portrays the bravery of  slaves who, amid the grave danger and uncertainty, use there… Read

DJ Qualls On Joel De La Fuente’s “Scary” ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Performance — Emmys

Mild Spoilers About The Man in the High Castle below. Recently Deadline hosted a panel discussion of Amazon’s sci-fi thriller series The Man in the High Castle, based on the novel by Phillip K. Dick, as the streaming service ramps up its Emmys campaign for the show’s first season. In attendance at the event were the cast and creatives behind the series, who had a spirited discussion of the show set in an alternate history in which the allies lost World War II and the… Read

For Akiva Goldsman Joining ‘Underground’ “Was Personal” – Emmys

He won a best screenplay Oscar and Golden Globe for 2001’s A Beautiful Mind, and he’s responsible for several blockbuster films, including Paramount’s next wave of Transformers, Micronauts and G.I. Joe movies. However, when Akiva Goldsman boarded WGN America/Sony TV’s Underground as executive producer, it “was personal to me” revealed the producer-screenwriter at our Awardsline Emmy screening.  Goldsman details what attracted him to Misha Green and Joe Pokaski’s series in… Read

How Paul Rust, Gillian Jacobs & Claudia O’Doherty Fell In ‘Love’ – Emmys

Love Gillian Jacobs Paul Rust

Since first arriving in Los Angeles from his home state of Iowa, Love co-creator Paul Rust has arguably been an overnight success. He was one of the first Los Angeles alums out of the Upright Citizens Brigade’s Hollywood outpost after they opened in 2005. There, along with his writing partner Neil Campbell, they developed a reputation for churning out vaudevillian-gross out sketches, in both the late-night stage show Not Too Shabby and with their sketch group A Kiss From… Read

‘The Man In The High Castle’ Cast: When The Creative Aesthetic Impacts Your Performance – Emmys

Open up a drawer on the set of Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle and you open up to 1960s America. But it’s a nation we never knew. Sure, there’s the title to a Rock Hudson-June Allyson movie on the theater marquee, but it’s playing in a Nazi-occupied region of the United States. While an actor’s emotional mechanism largely takes credit for their performance, the cast of Amazon’s hit series talks about how the show’s scenic design, costumes, props and crafts… Read