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‘American Animals’ Misses Out At BAFTA–Can The Oscars Handle Authentic Truth? 

american animals

If there's a takeaway from this awards season, it's that true stories are back with a vengeance. For proof, look no further than Rosamund Pike as war reporter Marie Colvin in A Private War, Sam Rockwell as President George W. Bush in Vice, Mahershala Ali as Don Shirley in Green Book, Melissa McCarthy as forger Lee Israel in Can You Ever Forgive Me? and Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. 'Authenticity' is hot right now too, as evidenced by Bradley… Read

‘Green Lantern’: Grant Morrison’s “Right Stuff” Revamp Of DC Hero Rings True – Q&A

EXCLUSIVE: It’s been seven years and seven months since the release of Green Lantern, but the film’s historic failure still glows brightly in the memory of Warner Bros executives and fans alike. That’s one reason the studio has struggled to decide how best to revamp a property that remains far too prominent in DC Comics lore to otherwise leave sitting on a shelf. The latest word is that producer-writer Geoff Johns is working on a script that will reinvent Green Lantern… Read

Taboo Subjects Abound In Short Documentaries Contending For Oscars

short documentaries

As the Oscar nomination voting window opens, suspense is building across all the categories including Documentary Short Subject, where 10 films remain in contention. Five will go on to earn Academy Award nominations, which are set to be revealed on January 22. Among the contenders, several touch on taboo subjects. In the case of Period. End of Sentence., directed by young filmmaker Rayka Zehtabchi, that taboo is menstruation. She filmed in India, where a shockingly small… Read

Political Murder And Stolen Babies: Documentary ‘The Silence of Others’ Reveals Spain’s Unresolved Past

The Silence of Others

For decade upon decade the remains of María Martín's mother have lain beneath a roadway in Spain, her death unmarked except for her aging daughter's lonely vigil. Cars pass indifferently across the route, a symbol of how the country paved over its history of brutal repression and political murder under the fascist regime of General Francisco Franco. Why María Martín's mother was killed–along with tens of thousands of others heaped in mass graves–and why Spain has… Read

Hulu Double Play: Streamer Lands Two Films On Oscar Doc Shortlist–’Minding The Gap’ & ‘Crime + Punishment’

Minding the Gap

When the Oscar Documentary Feature shortlist came out recently, Hulu had double the reason to celebrate. Two of its films made the exclusive roster, a considerable achievement in a competitive environment where Netflix, HBO, PBS, National Geographic and other parties are all vying for the Academy's favor. Hulu scored with Bing Liu's Minding the Gap and Stephen Maing's Crime + Punishment, two of the most honored documentaries of 2018. "We don't do it for the awards,” Maing… Read

Ben Foster Communicates Powerfully Without Words In ‘Leave No Trace’

Ben Foster is pacing Manhattan trying to ignore the clamor. "Sorry about all the sirens!" he groans apologetically. He's just gotten home from starring as 14th Century general Jan Žižka in the biopic Medieval, hyped as Czechoslovakia's biggest blockbuster to date, and Foster just wanted to stroll around to appreciate the holiday lights and squirrels "and ambulances," he jokes. Foster's a long way from the Oregon forest where he shot Debra Granik's Leave No Trace, a… Read

Fresh Face: ‘Cold War’ Breakout Joanna Kulig Has Music Inside Her Soul

 WHO Joanna Kulig Age: 36 Hometown: Krynica-Zdrój, Lesser Poland, Poland  WHAT In Pawel Pawlikowski's Cold War, Kulig is Zula, a woman in post-war Poland who joins a folk music touring group. She begins a romance with conductor Wiktor (Tomasz Kot) and the two form a passionate but volatile couple. The story spans time and countries as the pair begins to realize that although they should never be together, they can never be apart.  "I think Zula is like me, very… Read

Oscars: Can Anyone Break Disney & Pixar’s Animated Feature Streak In 2019?

Incredibles 2

In the competitive world of feature animation, it takes more than an entertaining yarn and a bit of slapstick comedy to cut through the noise. To make an impact at the box office in 2018—and at the Oscars, heading now into its 91st go-round—filmmakers are called upon to pursue a new standard of excellence, going back to the drawing board with each new effort, and finding exciting ways to break the mold. Leading the charge as regular contenders for Best Animated Feature… Read

The Weird Science Of Lakeith Stanfield: ‘Sorry To Bother You’ And The ‘Batman’ Villain He’s Determined To Play

Lakeith Stanfield is headed home. That is, if he can remember where he lives. "I forgot my street," he chuckles to the driver. He snaps his fingers once, twice, three times, and like magic, summons his address to mind. To be fair, he hasn't been living there long. Since his career started to click, the 27-year-old actor hasn't been rooted anywhere for long. Yesterday, he was in Boston filming Rian Johnson's all-star murder mystery Knives Out, alongside Daniel Craig… Read

The Renaissance Of Hugh Grant: Celebrating Oddities And Torturing Ben Whishaw In ‘Paddington 2’ And ‘A Very English Scandal’

Hugh Grant really, really does not like Ben Whishaw. "I want him dead," he says, softly, as he sips on a cup of tea at the Ritz hotel in London. "He was my wife and I've clearly done terrible things to my wife. Then I put him in prison. I tried to kill him on a train. I seduced him, raped him, and tried to have him murdered. He's been very nice about it." It might be the kind of confession he would be best advised to keep to himself, if it hadn't all happened on screen… Read

Addressing Controversies Head-On, YouTube Lays Infrastructure To Manage Growth — Deadline Disruptors

When YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded that first video of Me at the Zoo in 2005 it was hard to imagine what the video sharing site launched under the slogan "broadcast yourself" might become. These days, A-list celebrities like Will Smith and professional athletes like Golden State Warriors standout Kevin Durant use YouTube to afford intimate if controlled glimpses of their private lives, even as not-ready-for-mainstream players like gamer Mark Fischbach (better… Read

FilmNation Acquires Paul Tremblay’s ‘The Cabin At The End Of The World’

EXCLUSIVE: FilmNation has acquired feature film rights to The Cabin at the End of the World, a Harper Collins 2018 title from author Paul Tremblay. The psychological horror and suspense novel centers on a vacationing family terrorized by four strangers who claim to be either attempting to bring about or trying to avert the apocalypse. Steve Desmond and Michael Sherman have been tapped by the studio to adapt the book. The screenwriting duo just sold their spec script, Harry… Read