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J.K. Simmons On Playing Two Identical Leads In ‘Counterpart’; Women Will Dominate In Season 2

J.K. Simmons

One of the most prolific actors of our time, J.K. Simmons never seems to slow down, with a resume far too long to list here, but which includes everything from Juno to La La Land, to The Closer, True Grit, Justice League, and an Oscar and Globe-winning turn in Whiplash. His latest incarnation in Starz's Counterpart sees him take on not one, but two roles: Howard Silk and Howard Prime–two spies living on opposite sides of a parallel dimension. "The Howards" may be… Read

‘One Day At A Time’ Team On How Current Events Played Big Role In Series’ Evolution – The Contenders Emmys Video

One Day At A Time

“I’d like to say it’s the show I envisioned — it is the deliciousness I hoped for, it is the humanity I hoped for,” Norman Lear said about Netflix’s One Day at a Time, a reimagining of Lear’s iconic 1975-1984 comedy series that just wrapped a successful second season and is now renewed for a third. Co-created and co-showrun by Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, the series that expertly peels back the layers of a Cuban-American family dug right into the issues… Read

‘Drunk History’ Creators On The Dream Guest They’ll Keep Pursuing – The Contenders Emmys Video

Going strong in its fifth season, Comedy Central’s Drunk History has always been remarkable for the pedigree of talent it attracts. Presenting re-enactments of historical events with the help of inebriated narrators, the series’ most recent season drew the likes of Tiffany Haddish, Evan Rachel Wood, Alexander Skarsgård and Mandy Moore to its playground. Created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner, the out-of-the-box series has never wavered in its star power—though there is… Read

Did David Koresh Get A Bad Rap? ‘Waco’ Star Taylor Kitsch Provides Insight – The Contenders Emmys Video

Drew Dowdle, Taylor Kitsch John Erick Dowdle

One of the more riveting miniseries epics this past Emmy season has been John Erick and Drew Dowdle’s six-parter Waco, which launched Viacom’s new adult-demo channel the Paramount Network this year. While the early ’90s standoff between the ATF and FBI and the Branch Davidians sect consumed the headlines, years later, the Dowdles vied to shed some light on what both sides were thinking in a tragedy that took 79 lives —  22 of which were children under the age of 17. In… Read

‘Vida’s Tanya Saracho On Starz’s East L.A. Drama, Seeing Herself & Having A Vision – Next Generation TV

Tanya Saracho

"Out of 520 shows right now, now five are of a Latinx gaze, you know," Vida executive producer Tanya Saracho notes of her Starz series and the culture for which it comes in the math of the Peak TV Era. "That's not enough,” she added. “We make up almost 20% of this country, so that's erasure. So for so long we've been erased." Having inked a three-year overall deal with the Lionsgate-owned premium cabler this year, the once Chicago-based playwright, How to Get Away With Mur… Read

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Eugene Levy & Catherine O’Hara On Scorsese’s ‘SCTV’ Doc, & How ‘We Don’t Consider Ourselves Comedians’

In the pantheon of male and female comedy duos, one can feasibly rank SCTV alums Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara up there with such greats as George and Gracie Burns and Gilda Radner and Gene Wilder. Broadcasting out of the Great White North, the two established a reputation for respectively playing nerdy and brassy alter-egos, quite often together. Yet underneath their characters' quirks was a humanity, emphasized during their pairing in the Christopher Guest… Read

‘Altered Carbon’ Sound Editor Brett Hinton On Sonic Clues Taken From Richard K. Morgan’s Sci-Fi Novel

For supervising sound editor Brett Hinton—a bona fide world builder behind Mr. Mercedes, Westworld and Laeta Kalogridis' cyberpunk wonder Altered Carbon—God is in the details. With the latter series, Hinton brought life to the dystopian megalopolis of Bay City, as seen in the year 2384. His take on the future was carefully considered, and the most minute details were often those that were most difficult to render. Adapted from Richard K. Morgan's meticulously crafted 2002… Read

‘Queer Eye’ Creator David Collins On The Dialogue America Is Ready To Have

In an age of reboots, remakes, and revivals, reality television staple Queer Eye has made one of the more notable comebacks, becoming a fixture at Netflix as their unscripted space began to grow. A 'make-better' show, as creator David Collins calls it, Queer Eye follows the Fab Five—five gay men, experts in five lifestyle disciplines—as they revamp the lives and living spaces of various subjects. Retaining the essence that made Queer Eye a smash hit at Bravo, all the way… Read

‘Electric Dreams’ Production Designer Julie Berghoff Explains Anthology Series Challenges & Her Visions Of The Future

Coming off of the critically acclaimed first season of The Handmaid's Tale—for which she won her first Emmy—production designer Julie Berghoff challenged herself with another singular dystopian sci-fi series, in the form of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. An avid fan of the seminal sci-fi author's short stories, Berghoff appreciated Dick's ability to capture the world as it was in his time, as well as his unusual ability to forecast future societal developments with his… Read

‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Cast On Amazon Hit’s “Breakneck” Speed Of Dialogue – The Contenders Emmys Video

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino are known for fast-paced dialogue on their shows, and the Golden Globe-winning Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel isn’t any different. But to the show’s creator, the dialogue isn’t as fast as everyone claims. “Amy and I have contended that it's not our stuff [where] everyone is talking fast — everyone is talking too slow,” Daniel joked during the series’ panel at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys. He points out, “In real life… Read

‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum & Mel B On Disruptive Reality Series’ Continued Resonance

As reality competition series go, America's Got Talent is a bit of a rare bird. Launching its 13th season late last month—with Season 12 up for Emmys consideration—Simon Cowell's NBC series has been on the air since 2006, and only continues to increase its viewership over time. Remaining the United States' number one show of the summer over the last 12 years, America's Got Talent hit an average of 16 million viewers per episode in Season 12, with almost 3 billion views… Read

‘USS Callister’s Jesse Plemons Channels Captain Kirk As Malevolent ‘Black Mirror’ Programmer In Season 4 Opener

Given the opportunity to portray one of Black Mirror's most terrifying antagonists in Season 4 opener USS Callister—as reclusive programmer Robert Daly—Jesse Plemons needed to come to grips with a world he didn't quite understand. "It was on my list of shows that I needed to watch and didn’t get around to," the Emmy nominee admits of the Netflix anthology. "I had all of my friends saying I had to watch it, and I just never did." With CSS Callister, Plemons found a… Read