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Ma Anand Sheela, Meme-Worthy Star Of Netflix Docuseries ‘Wild Wild Country,’ On Why She Won’t Attend The Emmys

The woman known for uttering the defiant phrase "tough titties" isn't backing down.

Ma Anand Sheela, whose dogged defense of the controversial Rajneesh spiritual movement and its attempted takeover of a small Oregon town made her the star of the hit documentary series Wild Wild Country, says there's nothing about her…

Mark Duplass Rescinds Ben Shapiro Recommendation; James Gunn, Glenn Beck & Twitterverse Answer The Call

Today’s Twitter brouhaha over Mark Duplass’ apology for suggesting liberals interested in “crossing the aisle” might consider following the right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro is still going strong. Glenn Beck has just weighed in, if you were waiting (he thinks it’s “sad” that Duplass was “swayed by the mob”).

Last night, Du

‘Wild Wild Country’ EP Mark Duplass On First Emmy Nom, Fostering Young Talent & Mahershala Ali Entering ‘Room 104’

Known for their contributions shepherding a new generation of behind-the-scenes talent into the mainstream, it seems only appropriate that Mark and Jay Duplass received their first Emmy nominations for doing just that with Chapman and Maclain Way's acclaimed Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country, depicting the rise of…

‘Room 104’: “Your Casual Dating Experience” In A TV World Flooded With Choices, Says Co-Creator Mark Duplass

“In this era of peak television, there’s so much sh** to watch and we feel so much pressure to watch things,” explained Room 104 co-creator and EP Mark Duplass, “We want Room 104 to be your casual dating experience.”

Essentially, the Duplass brothers sought to make a series where you don’t necessarily have to be commit


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