Teamsters Urge Casting Directors To Take Pilot Jobs, Assistant Issue Shelved

EXCLUSIVE: It looks like the standoff between casting directors and TV studios over salaries for casting assistants may be over but not in the way casting directors had hoped. I hear today’s meeting between representatives for AMPTP, the casting directors and their union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, didn’t resolve the outstanding issue: casting directors’ request for the studios to play for a casting assistant on every pilot, in addition to a casting associate. Now the teamsters have sent out this email advising casting directors to go get jobs on pilots. I hear some casting directors who had held off out of solidarity with their brethren, are now trying to get the positions that were once offered to them, but it is not clear if they will be able to do so. The union said it will address the issue in its next union contract negotiations and at a meeting tomorrow night. “I think the teamsters misadvised them,” one source noted. “They should have approached gently and then delivered ultimatum.” Here is the teamsters’ email:

From your Steering Committee:

We had a meeting with the AMPTP today, January 19, 2011.  As a result, our goal of achieving adequate staffing on pilots will be addressed in this year’s Union Contract negotiations.

For this current pilot season, we urge Casting Directors to resume your individual negotiations with the Studios.

There will be a meeting tomorrow night to answer your questions.  The meeting will be held at:

Date:        January 20, 2011
Time:        7:30 P.M.
Location:    SAG
James Cagney Auditorium
5757 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3600

In the meantime, if you are approached to do a pilot, or were previously in negotiations, and you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ed Duffy, Steve Dayan or members of the Steering Committee.

Both sides have agreed not to speak to the press regarding this issue. We ask you to do the same.
Your Steering Committee
This message was sent by: Teamsters Local 399

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