MPAA's Dan Glickman Mulling Senate Run

Dan Glickman says “flirting is too strong a word” but the lifelong Democratic pol from Kansas who has been a congressman and served as Agriculture Secretary under President Clinton is considering a run for the U.S. Senate from that flyover state. “There are folks in Kansas who have called me and asked me if I’m interested. I suppose I’m genetically interested in it. I’ve always been interested in politics and public service,” he tells Politico. Problem is, “I have not spent an exceptionally high amount of time in the state in the last few years. Periodically, people at home talk to me about this, but I haven’t bought a house in Wichita, and I haven’t made frequent trips there. So that should tell you something.” Another downside is fundraising. “To run for Senate requires you to do nothing but raise huge quantities of money, and fundraising isn’t interesting or attractive to me,” he told Politico, adding, “Plus, I’d have to leave my job right away.” Well, his contract is up in 2010, and rumors are rife that the studios want to replace him as head of the MPAA. (See my previous, Studios Plan To Replace MPAA’s Glickman.) Go for it, Danny Boy — that is if the Hollywood connection doesn’t hurt him in the Midwest. “Being a U.S. senator is still one of the best jobs in the world. I wouldn’t deny that,” he told Politico.

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