Camp Allen: Fewer Agents Than Usual


Once again, Camp Allen is keeping the identities of its presenters hush-hush in advance. campallen.JPGMeanwhile, I’m told Jim Wiatt is catching a ride on a studio plane for the 27th Allen & Co investment conference in Sun Valley this week. William Morris always was invited, and Endeavor never was asked.┬áBut Jim isn’t representing the new WME Entertainment, whose agents are nowhere on the list despite the presence of CAA’s Bryan Lourd and Richard Lovett, UTA’s Jim Berkus, and ICM’s Chris Silbermann and Jeff Berg. I wonder if that has to do with WME’s new boutique showbiz investment advisory biz led by Goldman Sach’s Joe Ravitch & UBS Warburg’ Jeff Sine who may wind up running Teddy Forstmann’s annual closed-to-the-press confab in Aspen held every September that’s seen as a rival to Camp Allen.

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