Ricky Gervais Assesses 2nd Globes Gig: “For Three Hours Every Year, Hollywood Is Scared To Death Of Me. It’s Great.”

Live-Snarking The Meanest Golden Globes

Deadline freelancer Ray Richmond ran into Ricky Gervais at the HBO after-party Sunday night. And the Golden Globes host appeared more than pleased with his performance at what was the meanest awards show ever. Asked if he had fun carving up Hollywood, Gervais responded: “Oh absolutely. For three hours every year, Hollywood is scared to death of me. It’s great.” No, he doesn’t expect to be asked back to host for a 3rd straight time next year. But he also didn’t intend to go out in a blaze of controversy. “No, it’s really nothing like that. I just did what I do.” Interestingly, Gervais said he didn’t come in for criticism backstage for his mean-spirited jokes during the show. “I guess no one’s had a chance yet. Maybe I will now.” When Deadline bid Gervais goodbye and “good luck,” the comedian replied, “Thanks. I hope I don’t need it.”
You will, Ricky. Trust us.

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