McTiernan-Roven Still a Pellicano Mystery

UPDATE: I’m being emailed sickening details about McTiernan’s personal life. I’m not going there unless the feds go after the McTiernan/Dubrow divorce, and so far they haven’t. But, really, can’t you Hollywood types keep it in your pants?

Meanwhile, the reason for the McTiernan-Roven friction still hasn’t come into any clearer focus. The Los Angeles Times today reported that, about noon on Feb. 24, two FBI agents visited Chuck Roven in his Sunset Boulevard office after calling to tell him that he was allegedly a victim of Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano. The agents brought a tape recording that would startle Roven, sources told the paper: McTiernan, allegedly on the tape with Pellicano, discussing the details of Roven’s wiretapped conversations. The paper quoted sources as saying Pellicano allegedly briefed McTiernan on Roven’s conversations regarding Rollerball as well as Roven’s personal calls. (Well, we already knew this had to do with Rollerball.) But the paper has no clues as to their substance, though there are sordid details about the McTiernan/Dubrow divorce, including an accidental shooting involving Dubrow’s son that killed his friend.

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