Ray Richmond Exits Hollywood Reporter

This is a surprise since he’d been at the trade for 9 1/2 years as a TV critic, columnist, blogger, feature writer and contract employee. His TV column and reviews and blog had disappeared a few months back at his own behest and he’d been recently writing special issue features. “My situation at THR had been deteriorating for some time,” Ray just told me. “Mostly it stemmed from a personality clash and a difference in perception of what constitutes professional behavior with a certain editor. But I will cop to this being about me as much as them. I no longer saw an upside to riding the Hindenburg.” Other sources tell me Richmond hated to leave but thought it was for the best. Some of the clashes were about Richmond’s attempts to make his THR product more entertaining than the usual reporting wrapped in dry trade-speak. But his was not a popular position, nor his embrace of the web. Especially when The Powers That Be keep the THR print edition going at all cost.

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