Low-Brow 'The Hangover' #1 With $33.4M Weekend; 'Up' #2 At $30.5M; 'Pelham' #3 With $25M; Eddie Has Another Bomb

SATURDAY PM / SUNDAY AM: Warner Bros’ The Hangover still rules at the North American box office and looks to sail past $200M domestic, according to even rival studios. (As the saying goes, failure is an orphan, but success has many fathers, so see my previous How ‘The Hangover’ Got Made.) The R-rated no-stars low-brow laffer from Old School director Todd Phillips made $10.5 million Friday (only -37% from its opening a week ago) and $12.9M Saturday (+24%) from 3,355 dates. With a terrific hold of only -26%, it racked up a $33.4M second weekend for a new cume of $105.3M. Never underestimate the comedy tastes of moviegoers, eh? This is the first film of this summer to stay at No. 1 for 2 consecutive weeks.

Pixar/Disney’s blockbuster Up ended its 3rd weekend #2 with $30.5M after scoring another $8.8 million Friday and $13.1 million Saturday and an estimated $8.6M Sunday from 3,886 runs. Pixar movies always keep going, and going, and going… and this is now the 3rd-highest domestic grossing one.

As for The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3, when I fell asleep Friday night, it was looking to open at No. 2 based on East Coast numbers. But Sony Pictures’ adult thriller starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta didn’t get as big a late-night kick as expected and fell to No. 3 where it stayed all weekend. Why anyone remade the classic 1974 film is inexplicable, especially in this CGI-heavy summer. (Now, if the subway turned into a Transformer…) Also, Travolta’s recent family tragedy meant the actor wasn’t able to promote the film. Rival studios called Friday’s opening of $8.3 million followed by Saturday’s $9.6M from 3,074 theaters very soft. By the end of Sunday, the total was only $25M with Sunday’s estimate. Exit polls showed that 54% of the opening weekend audience was male and 62% over 30 years old. Sony now must depend on strong overseas sales for Pelham.

Why studios still cast Eddie Murphy as the lead in a live action film is beyond me, even if it’s a family film. So Paramount’s Imagine That just looks weak all around.  It came in 6th with only a $1.8 million debut Friday and $2.2 million Saturday from 3,008 venues. Worse, it’s now a trend that Eddie’s movies can’t open to more than a $6M weekend.  (Remember last summer’s other Eddie bomb Meet Dave?) This one did only $5.7M.

Now, for the Top 10:

1. THE HANGOVER (WB)  Week 2  [3,355]  Wkd $33.4M (-26%), Cume $105.3M
2. UP (Pixar/Disney)  Week 3  [3,886]  Wkd $30.5M, Cume $187.1M
3. PELHAM 1 2 3 (Sony)  NEW  [3,074]  Wkd $25M
4. NATM 2 (Fox) Week 4   [3,365]  Wkd $9.6M, Cume $143.4M
5. LAND OF THE LOST (Universal)  Week 2 [3,534]  Wkd $9.1M (-51%), Cume $34.9M
6. IMAGINE THAT (Paramount)  NEW [3,008]  Wkd $5.7M
7. STAR TREK (Paramount)  Week 6 [2,638]  Wkd Est $5.6M, Cume $232M
8. TERMINATOR SALVATION (WB)  Week 4 [2,658]  Wkd $4.6M, Cume $113.8M
9. ANGELS & DEMONS (Sony)  Week 5 [2,436]  Wkd $4.2M, Cume $123.3M
10. DRAG ME TO HELL (Universal) Week 3 [2,273] Wkd $3.8M, Cume $35.1M

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