TCA: The Rivers' Run Through It

From Ray Richmond, who is contributing to Deadline Hollywood’s TCA coverage:
As the first session on the TCA agenda Friday morning in Pasadena, Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa were a little grumpy appearing before the assembled critics to promote their new WEtv reality series “Joan Knows Best.” Or maybe that was just a calculated conceit designed to play into the vibe of their show, which finds the ladies bickering incessantly when Joan decides to move to California and move in with her daughter.

“Oh no, it was all real,” Joan insisted. “I think when you get a reality show that gets the reality, there’s nothing like it. And that’s what we had. You can’t stage true reality.”

Perhaps that’s unfortunate. Certainly, the Rivers ladies could agree on little Friday morning, except for the fact that their red carpet hosting days are over and that it’s for the best.

“It’s gotten too controlled,” Melissa insisted. “There are a few sort of paradigm shifts that would change it significantly, but unfortunately it would be such an expensive undertaking, and E! is doing fine with Ryan (Seacrest)] and Julianne (Hough).

“It’s not fun,” Joan agreed. “Five years ago, you could say ‘Julia Roberts, I hate your dress’ and she’d laugh. But now these publicists will kill you and say, ‘You won’t get the next six people!’.”

But that’s pretty much where the harmony ends with the Rivers gals. For instance, on Friday, there was the subject of Joan’s grotesque amount of cosmetic surgery and whether it may have finally reached a saturation point.

“Too much plastic surgery? No such thing!” Joan insisted.

“And I disagree,” shot back Melissa.

“That’s because you’re not my age,” her mother replied.

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