Now There'll Be Client Layoffs From WME

I wonder if they’ll use that old line, “It’s not you, it’s me. I’m under pressure to trim my list.” Or perhaps, “You’ll be better off at a smaller agency, I promise…” In any case, get anxious if you’re an Endeavor or William Morris actor or writer, and you get a call from your agent this week or next that starts with a long sigh. Because chances are likely you’re about to get cut from the newly merged WME Entertainment. It’s not a surprise that clients who are not working or deemed not right for the new company will be laid off. Cuz you can’t fire 100 people and keep the same number of clients. The purging is part of WME’s philisophy that it only wants to represent the “Top 2%” of Hollywood talent. So if you survive, congrats. You’ve officially made it in Hollywood.

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