Jon Peters Cancels Book Deal But NOT Book Even Though “Besieged By Potential Lawsuits And Threatened Litigation”; Will Write Book “Privately And Quietly”

That is from the letter which a representative for Jon Peters sent to his autobiography’s publisher Friday explaining why he couldn’t go through with the deal. I have the letter and am posting it (see below). The letter follows by 24 hours DHD’s exclusive posting of the entire 35-page book proposal except for a few paragraphs I deemed too invasive or too boring. (See my IT SHOULD BE CALLED ‘DICKHEAD’: Why Jon Peters’ Book Proposal Sets New Low.) (Before that, various news and gossip outlets made references to the proposal, and quoted a few paragraphs from the proposal, but no news outlet had posted the entire proposal like DHD did on Thursday.) The New York Post’s Page Six today excerpted the cancellation letter. But here is the entire letter which makes clear that Peters is only cancelling the book deal, NOT the book itself:

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