Warner Bros Confirms Stunt Driver Injured On 'The Hangover Pt II' Location In Bangkok

UPDATE: I’m told this was a “planned, choreographed, rehearsed” stunt sequence, and that the car crashing into the truck was “entirely accidental” and not part of the stunt. The doctors have Scott McLean in an induced coma to aid in his recovery and that the info received by the studio so far on his status indicates he will recover from the injury. No actors were on set at the time of the accident.

Previous: Warner Bros has stated: “There was an accident involving a truck and a car on the second unit set of The Hangover Part II near Bangkok, Thailand, at approximately 3:00 AM on Friday, December 17 (Bangkok time). A stuntman was injured during the filming of this sequence. The truck and car were both driven by stunt drivers. An ambulance immediately took the injured stuntman to the local hospital, and he has since been transported to a hospital in Bangkok, where advanced care is being provided. We are awaiting further details concerning his condition.” Australian newspapers have identified him as Queensland-raised Scott McLean, who in 2007 described himself as close to Australia’s top 10 stunt drivers and is now reported to be in a coma. Details are sketchy, but reports suggest that two cars travelling at high speed crashed into each other in Bangkok as part of the stunt.

In another stunt gone wrong earlier this year, Paramount was slapped with a lawsuit in October on behalf of 24-year-old Gabriela Cedillo, the extra on the Transformers 3 set who is permanently disfigured and disabled. The lawsuit alleges negligence that resulted in brain damage. She was seriously hurt during one of the action shots on location in Hammond, Indiana, for the upcoming Michael Bay threequel.

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