Details About Spielberg Reality TV Show

Here are more details from Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett talking about their 2007 reality show (see video). (In case you didn’t know it already, Spielberg is a Reality TV mega-fan, especially of Burnett’s Survivor.) Too bad it’s on Fox where everything new — except American Idol and 24 — goes to die. It’s part Idol, part Apprentice and, hopefully, not anything like Ben Affleck/Matt Damon’s HBO-aired Project Greenlight, which was such a snore. On The Lot chooses 16 young film directors to battle for a shot at a $1 mil development deal with DreamWorks. The wannabes will work in four teams, and shoot a short film in every genre each week. With one member selected as the director and other members helping produce, they’ll have access to the best resources the studio has to offer. A pool of professional writers, cast and crew will be made available, and if the contestants are resourceful enough, they may even be able to land Hollywood celebrities to star in their films. But with the clock ticking, and other teams working with the same genre or premise, they’ll all need to match their vision with decisiveness, execution and flexibility. The competition will air on two nights weekly. The films will be shown and critiqued in front of a live audience during the one-hour “Film Premiere” episode. On the half-hour “Box Office” results show, the director of the losing feature will be sent home, leaving that team with fewer contestants to help produce the next week’s film. A trio of judges critique the crap out of the movies, but the winner will be decided by Fox viewers. One problem: Spielberg himself. Always worried about his image, he won’t play a bad guy so he’ll be Missing In Action. (Newsweek says he doesn’t show up until the last episode, when he’ll escort the winner to a brand new office on the lot.) No word yet on who’ll be the judges, but the panel will include a motion picture executive, a film critic and guest judges. The series starts in May around the time when Idol ends. Hurry, film submissions are due by February 16th.

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