'Spider-Man' Takes Another Night Off

It’s another dark night at Broadway’s Foxwood Theatre for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. After a cancelled performance Tuesday, previews were supposed to resume tonight but the stage crew and performers took an extra day to incorporate the extra safety procedures designed to eliminated the variables that led to an aerialist falling 30 feet into the orchestra pit. While some are speculating that the show shouldn’t open at all, it’s coming.  At a projected $65 million budget, you don’t cancel. But this isn’t like Starlight Express. I remember seeing that musical, and after finding it to be a bore, watched wondering if performers would fall while buzzing around the rink on roller skates (several did). Accidents on this musical have already been more serious than a few skinned knees suffered in a roller rink mishap. It’s too bad that such an ambitious show has been defined by mishaps, but the wall crawler has prevailed against long odds before and audiences are packing preview performances.

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