Pam Levine Leaving Fox Film Marketing

EXCLUSIVE: I’ve just learned that Pam Levine, co-president of domestic marketing with Tony Sella and a 16-year veteran of Twentieth Century Fox, is leaving. She moved to New York four years ago which has been her base of operation since then. But my sources say her replacement will be hired, probably from outside the company, for a position in Los Angeles to work with Sella. “The bifurcation of having co-heads in different cities just wasn’t effective, whether she stayed or not,” an insider tells me. Actually, Levine quit the job when she moved to NY but Tom Rothman convinced her to stay. “People have called her the left brain to Tony’s right brain: “He’s the creative guy and spots guy, and she was the research gal and media buys gal, the yin to her yang. It worked when she was out here, but when she moved to NY it just didn’t work anymore,” a source tells me.

UPDATE: I just received this statement from Fox Film Entertainment bosses Tom Rothman and Jim Gianopulos: “Pam is an exceptional and rare marketing talent, one of the very best our business has ever seen. For some time, she and we have discussed the need to centralize all marketing functions in LA, and the conflict that presents with the life she loves in NY. We are disappointed but respectful of her decision to continue her career in NY. We will miss her acumen, insight, creativity, and passion, but know that only great things lay ahead for her. We are deeply grateful for all that she has given to Fox over so many years of consistent and unparallel marketing success.”

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