Primetime Pilot Panic: New CW Hot List; Yes To 'Melrose Place', No To 'Gossip Girl' Spinoff, Maybe To 'Vampire Diaries'

This updates my previous Primetime Pilot Panic: The Hot List

OVERVIEW: Everyone laughs about The CW but its development is praised this season for being very targeted. The result is that 5 out of 6 of its pilots seemed to be real. But that’s already winnowed down to 3 because of the lack of slots. (And, no, The CW or its designated hitter won’t be programming Sundays next fall.)

MELROSE PLACE (CBS-Paramount) rebooted is a lock. The show is already hiring.

THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE (CBS-Paramount/Katalyst Films) looks very good to be picked up since The CW likes its relationship with Ashton Kutcher and this is a drama about models starring young and old babes like Mischa Barton and Elle McPherson. “It’s sexy and very Dawn Ostroff,” one source tells me.

VAMPIRE DIARIES (Warner Bros/Alloy Entertainment) is next in line with the most heat. It’s a drama based on the series of books about vampire brothers and their girlfriend. “It screened very well the other day.”

GOSSIP GIRL SPINOFF (Warner Bros/CBS-Paramount/Alloy Entertainment): As I reported at 2:45 PM today, put a fork in it. It’s done. Next Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl is a flashback that was supposed to be a tempting taste for next fall’s spinoff following the wild teen years of now mom Lily van der Woodsen (played by Brittany Snow) in Los Angeles in the 1980s. But even though I heard Peter Roth loved its yesteryear vibe, the show went from hot, to lukewarm, to “fading but wouldn’t count out”, to now dead, according to my insiders. I’m really surprised.

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