Paul Greengrass Talks British Film Woes

We don’t often get a look inside the process of Paul Greengrass, but here’s a glimpse in a short interview done by actor David Morrissey. Though he doesn’t get to the bottom of why Greengrass left the Bourne Identity franchise, how Green Zone turned into a mega-budget misfire or why the Jimi Hendrix movie imploded, Morrissey draws some insight on how Greengrass found his footing when he moved from documentaries to features, and a few other topics in a chat between friends. I have been writing about Greengrass for years, and can still remember revealing his plan to film the 9/11 story United 93. I got hold of his proposal for the film and make it a point to reread it occasionally because it is such an inspiring and passionate argument by a filmmaker who just absolutely had to make that film for purely artistic reasons.

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