SO WHAT NOW, CARL? Icahn's Tender Offer For Lionsgate Debt Fails

He only managed to get $600,000 of the $325 million in debt outstanding. It will be interesting to see Carl Icahn’s next move, but this one failed. On the one hand, the corporate raider/shareholder activist has kept Lionsgate management on their toes by looking over their collective shoulder. But there also comes a point where he’s destabilizing one of the few remaining independent buyers in Hollywood. So far, Jon Feltheimer et al have managed to stay one step ahead of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. (Right now, the mini-major is building a war chest to fend off Icahn by selling off a minority stake in its newly purchased TV Guide cable channel.) But given Icahn’s nearly unlimited resources, how long can that go on? As to what Icahn might do next, he might resume purchasing common equity in the market, and/or once again threaten to launch a slate of directors at the Lionsgate annual meeting in September. But he may not have the leverage to do anything more in the end than accept 3 seats on the board and agree to a 1-year standstill on the 20% threshold. Stay tuned.

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