TOLDJA! Mel Gibson's Post-Rant 'The Beaver' Skedded for March 23 & April 8

UPDATES Release Date For Mel Gibson In ‘The Beaver’

Summit Entertainment announced just now that it has scheduled the Jodie Foster-directed film The Beaver starring Mel Gibson for a March 23rd limited engagement and an April 8th expansion. Once the studio decided not to give the film an Oscar qualifying run, it was just a question of when the best release date was. The film was supposed to debut in 2010 but the studio delayed when Mel’s rants against his ex-girlfriend became a matter of public record. Jodie has described Gibson’s performance as “one of his most powerful and moving performances”.  In the film, Gibson plays a father who walks around talking to a beaver hand puppet. In the fall, a CBS News/Vanity Fair poll that found 76% of respondents saying Gibson’s personal troubles would have no effect on whether they would see one of his movies.

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