Ron Howard On 'The Dark Tower'

While I had Ron Howard on the phone yesterday to discuss the Imagine/Reliance Writers Lab that Karen Kehela Sherwood will supervise, I wasn’t going to let him get away without providing some update on The Dark Tower, the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel series which Akiva Goldsman is writing and which Brian Grazer will produce with Goldsman and King. They plan to turn King’s masterwork into a film trilogy with a network TV series programmed between films. Howard will direct the first film and the limited run series that will create a bridge to the second feature. “It is going well, and it has been incredibly stimulating to work on,” Howard said. “It’s dense, a great author’s life work is not to be taken lightly. It has been utterly fascinating to explore it, and we are having great creative conversations. I’ve begun tossing and turning at 3 in the morning over it, so that’s a good sign.” Considering the level of success Howard and Grazer have experienced together, it is encouraging that they still want to try new models and occasionally shake up the status quo, both with the writer’s lab and the unprecedented film/TV plan for The Dark Tower. Universal recently set a May 17, 2013 release date for the first feature.

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