Jeff Zucker Should Bitchslap Himself

I’m so fed up with these overpaid blowhards who run the entertainment biz. Especially the ones who do a mea culpa for the crap they program and use “we” instead of “I” when pinpointing who’s to blame. Here’s a perfect example: NBC Uni’s (undeservedly) heir apparant Jeff Zucker speaking to the press after his recent presentation at Credit Suisse: “For 10 years, NBC was a huge driver of GE’s success and the last two years it’s been tougher. But I thank GE’s ability to weather the storm and be patient with us. We’ve got to do better going forward. We owe it to GE. We’ve got to do better for them. We’ve got to execute.” (Two years? Uh, the real number is five years: because 12 months after Zucker was upped from a TV news producer to NBC’s chief entertainment programmer, the network officially went into the toilet.) Meanwhile, NBC Uni will increase profit by as much as 5 percent next year, GE CEO Jeff Immelt claimed today at a meeting with shareholders. He believes the network is improving its prime-time content and remains a valuable asset to the parent company even though profit has declined for four straight quarters at NBC Uni. “I like what the team’s done in content this year. This has been job one,” Immelt said. “Prime-time has improved. No, the job’s not done yet.” NBC tied for second place in network television sweeps in November, after finishing last season in fourth place among viewers age 18 to 49. But NBC Universal’s third-quarter profit fell 10 percent to $542 million, dragged down by lower ratings at the television network.

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