Peter Chernin Bitchslaps Fox TV Execs

As everyone knows, the Fox network primetime really blows from Sept through Dec. This year was even worse than previous years: every new show tanked. The uber-expensive kidnap drama Vanished and sitcom Happy Hour were both yanked, and Justice is just playing itself out. Two other low-rated shows, the Brad Garrett / Joely Fisher sitcom ‘Til Death, and drama Standoff, are on life support. Ridiculous how the whole place goes to hell until American Idol starts up again. So, at the recent UBS global media confab, News Corp. Prez Peter Chernin took the opportunity to bitch-slap his network TV programming execs — and, amazingly, it went unreported: “We’ve got to be moving the ball forward. We’ve got to be making progress, and we didn’t make any progress this fall… I’m not at all nervous about our relative position. I still feel really good about our competitive position. We won the season last year. We won the summer. And we’ve had a lousy fall. That being said, we’re not satisfied with the fall. Running a network, you’d like to have the ability to create successful new shows. And we haven’t created successful new shows. We’ve essentially canceled three of five new shows… We’d like to do better. We will do better.” Oh yes, he did add, “I have tremendous confidence in the team here.” Anyone really believe him?

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