Agency Verve Expands Into TV With Sales

Upstart talent and literary agency Verve was launched almost a year ago by three former Endeavor agents, Bill Weinstein, Bryan Besser and Adam Levine, who left WME several months after the Endeavor-WMA merger. Because of the trio’s pedigree – they are all motion picture lit agents – Verve started building its business on the feature side but has been expanding into TV. And to prove that there is no bad blood between the Verve partners and their former employer, a couple of the TV projects are being done in conjunction with WME. Here are some notable TV sales by Verve clients:

Victoria Strouse (Apostles of Infinite Love, Little Fockers on-set writer) is writing Consulting Adults for NBC, with 20th TV and studio-based Chernin Entertainment producing. It is an office show about a team of corporate consultants who advise people on how to fix their companies, even though their personal lives are quite dysfunctional.

Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners, Contraband) has sold Awake, about a NYC detective stricken with permanent insomnia, to USA Network, with Madhouse’s Adam Kolbrenner and Robyn Meisinger producing. Additionally, Guzikowski is talks with HBO on Descendants. Sarah Condon is producing the project, about a sheriff struggling to police two clashing communities: the small town where he grew up and the neighboring Ramapo Mountains, home of the mysterious Ramapo Mountain Indians.

David Stern (Open Season 2) has teamed with Something About Mary co-writers John Strauss and Ed Decter for The Package Deal at ABC and Sony TV. Based on Stern’s family, the project centers around the idea that when you marry a person, you don’t just bring your spouse into your life, you bring their entire family aka “the package deal.”

Ian Roberts and Jay Martel have two comedy projects in the works. At Comedy Central, they have Not Normal, about five friends who investigate paranormal activity in suburbia under the name Not Normal Investigations. Roberts is attached to star, Martel to direct. And at CBS, the two are behind Go Time!, from Sony TV, about a  gung-ho ex-Marine who turns his brother’s family upside down when he moves into their garage.

Additionally, Moonlight co-creator Trevor Munson has a project at Sony TV with Neal Moritz producing. It revolves around the notion that people who suffer from bi-polar disorder and suffer from visions are actually able to predict future events.

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