Pellicano Scandal: 3 More Sentenced

Federal Judge Dale Fischer sentenced ex-LAPD cop Mark Arneson, who got paid by Pellicano to run names illegally through law enforcement computers, to 121 months or 10 years in prison. And Ray Turner, the ex-Pacific Bell technician who helped Pellicano establish wiretaps, also was sentenced to the same jail term. Abner Nicherie, who hired Pellicano to wiretap a business adversary, was sentenced this afternoon to a 21-month prison term. Kevin Kachikian, the computer whiz who helped Pellicano develop the Telesleuth program will be sentenced on March 9th. Arneson and Turner were immediately handcuffed and hauled away. Hollywood producer Chuck Roven’s victim letter was submitted today to the court prior to sentencing. In, it, he talks about dealing with the invasion of privacy after learning his conversations with his family, friends and business associates were listened in on by John McTiernan and Pellicano. U.S. prosecutors Dan Saunders and Kevin Lally are readying to indict McTiernan again.

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