MPTF vs Families: Is Compromise Coming?

The advocacy group Saving The Lives Of Our Own representing families and residents has battled the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s closing of the long-term care hospital and intensive care nursing home. Now I hear that MPTF’s recently installed President/CEO Bob Beitcher is trying to effect a compromise that guarantees the closures but also respects the displaced residents. An insider informs me: “In a meeting with campus residents at their request, CEO Bob Beitcher informed them that he is in serious discussion with at least two major hospital/healthcare providers seeking to partner with MPTF to provide LTC (and some type of hospital care) on campus. Not a done deal. No guarantees. And while we don’t know what it would look like or that it will be acceptable, the Fund will soon enter its 90th anniversary year. Will MPTF want to put the last two years’ toil and troubles behind? Odds are favoring a face-saving yet real solution for the LTC and a major capital campaign, over a continued war of attrition and negative PR.”

I hear this partnership/co-branding possibility has been discussed with families and activists as well and that there’s an ongoing dialogue right now with Beitcher, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation CEO Ken Scherer, and even closure hardliner MPTF Foundation Chair Jeffrey Katzenberg “to some degree, There are, however, a number of skeptics, and it’s been best to watch what MPTF does, not listen to what MPTF says,” an insider advises me.

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