This Email Is Making The IATSE Rounds

“New Media” production company seeks crew for experimental project. Applicants must be able to create, research, write, coordinate, production design, art direct, construct, paint, dress & decorate sets, location manage, assist direct, design/tailor/supply costumes, do hair & make-up, shoot, operate, focus, slate, set marks, load, take still photographs, record sound, boom, cable, light, dimmer board operate, dolly, grip, rig, build, buy, create & supply props, prop master, on-set dress, on-set prop, script, video assist & playback, stand-in, stunt coordinate, do stunt work, special effects, cast, act, telecine, edit, sound-edit, supervise music, post-production supervise, stage manage, cater & craft service, medic, animal wrangle, supply & drive
production vehicles, transport equipment and any personnel. Must own your own equipment. 2 positions available. Rates, terms and conditions of employment negotiable. IATSE members only please.

Contact Matthew D. Loeb @ AMPTP Productions (818) 995-3600.

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