Paris Barclay Steps In To Direct Part Of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Finale After Kurt Sutter Falls Ill

Sons Of Anarchy fans are hoping for a series finale featuring the gritty series’ signature drama and graphic content. The closer, which is currently filming, already is delivering on that behind the scenes. SOA sons-of-anarchy-season-7-promo-photos-twittercreator/executive producer Kurt Sutter, who wrote and is directing the series finale, was rushed to the hospital Monday morning with sharp abdominal pain and underwent an appendectomy. In true Sutter fashion, he shared with his Twitter followers the gruesome image of his excised body part. With Sutter in the hospital, SOA executive producer/director Paris Barclay, who helmed the penultimate episode of the series, stepped in to take over directing duties from him, and the show continued shooting as scheduled. Barclay is directing on Monday and Tuesday, with Sutter confirming on Twitter that he will be “back in director’s chair Wednesday,” adding, “Thanks (Barclay) for having my back.” SOA is slated to wrap production Thursday.


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