‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ Review: Dominic Patten Calls A TKO Win

You’d be hard pressed to find a weirder show on TV than Mike Tyson Mysteries – and I mean that in the best way, as I say in my video review above.

The series from Warner Bros Animation and producer Hugh Davidson debuts tonight on Adult Swim. From Round 1 onward, as my video review says, the homage to Hanna Barbera‘s classic Saturday morning shows of the 1970s is a knockout. And yes, that is really Mike Tyson providing the voice of Mike Tyson in the blue tracksuit (or cowboy hat).

Besides a sweet-natured and facially tattooed Iron Mike, the Mysteries‘ cast is filled out by the ghost of the Marquis of Queensbury from centuries past, voiced by Community’s Jim Rash; a boozed-up bird that used to be human, voiced by Norm MacDonald in a role he was born to play; and Yung Hee, the Rachel Ramras-voiced home-schooled and adopted Korean daughter of Tyson who is by far the smartest of the bunch. See, weird. Plus, the cameos…well, you’ve got to watch, starting with my review.

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