Danielle Dellorto is the latest name added to the growing list of those departing CNN,  as part of its Turner 2020 downsizing. Dellorto is CNN’s senior medical producer; the series Sanjay Gupta, M.D. was among the shows to get the ax nearly two weeks ago as the cable news network cut its medical team. She leaves November 7 and said she’s heading to the West Coast for “my next chapter” in announcing her departure on Facebook:

BREAKING (life) NEWS: My dear friend & colleague Sanjay Gupta once told me: “Do one thing everyday that scares you, and in the process become the action figure of your own life.” Today, I did just that.

With all the recent changes at #CNN, I’m making the decision to take a leap and expand my wings outside the company. For 11 years CNN has been my home, my family. I’ve been to places in the world I never dreamed I’d go and got to tell stories that created change. I’ve reported from 14 countries… survived conflict zones, countless disaster zones. Heck, I even survived a kidnapping attempt in Pakistan and managed not to get Ebola while on the front line in West Africa. It has been one helluva ride.