John Oliver Takes On Food Manufacturers And Hidden Sugar On ‘Last Week Tonight’: Video

John Oliver issued another call to action — this time against food manufacturers who want to hide the amount of sugar they put into food. Americans spend $2.2 billion on candy a year. Average American eats 75 pounds of sugar a year. Sugar acts on the brain in a special way that’s reminiscent of cocaine. Rats fed sugar can’t find their way to an island when dumped into a vat of water. The FDA wants to put an Added Sugars category onto their mandatory food labels. The food industry wants to list it in grams, rather than teaspoons — because nobody knows what a gram is, Oliver said.

Oliver thinks the  industry  should list the amount of added sugar in terms we can understand — Circus Peanuts, “the most disgusting of all candies,” that “taste like an elephant ejaculated into a bowl of Splenda.”  Oliver told viewers to tweet at their favorite food manufacturers using the hashtag: #showusyourpeanuts. “You ask them to whip out their peanuts and show them to you… Do it food makers – expose your peanuts to the world!”

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