Shakeup Coming Inside WMA Talent Dept

UPDATE: “It’s one of many conversations about examining our talent department and how to make it work more efficiently. Some of these conversations have included Gaby, yes. We have to make things better,” says a WMA insider. That’s the reaction to what a good source tells me is a shakeup underway inside the William Morris motion picture talent department headed by Gaby Morgerman (clients Mark Ruffalo, Chelsea Handler). According to my source’s scenario, she’ll be out, and Michael Cooper (Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones) and Charles King (Tyler Perry) are going to run it together. Cooper is considered a Jim Wiatt’s protégé because he used to be an assistant on the CEO’s desk. And I’ve been receiving nonstop complaints about Morgerman from inside WMA for almost a year now.

Endeavor And William Morris Talking About Teaming Up

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