‘Real Housewives’ Teresa Giudice Must Serve Sentence At ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Prison

Turns out ignorance has proved no excuse for Teresa Giudice once again in her conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud case. The same judge who sentenced The Real Housewives Of New Jersey cast member to 15-months behind bars on October 2 has now refused Giudice’s attempt to serve some of her time in a halfway house. In fact Judge Esther Salas reveled on Wednesday that she’s sending Giudice to the minimum-security camp that served as the basis for the prison in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black.

Giudice will be transported to the prison in Danbury, Connecticut to serve her time with just over 200 other inmates once she surrenders to authorities as scheduled on January 5 next year. The Danbury prison is less than 100 miles from the Giudices’ home.

The U.S. Attorney’s office that prosecuted the Giudices’ case was vehement in an October 21 letter to the court that Teresa should not be allowed to escape serving her time behind bars.  “It was clearly not the court’s intention at the sentencing in this matter to sentence defendant to serve all or virtually all of her sentence in a halfway house,” said assistant U.S. Attorneys Jonathan Romankow and Rachael Honig. “The court made detailed, express findings on the record about the need to sentence defendant to jail.”

With that protest from prosecutors noted, Salas said Wednesday that she would not recommend that Giudice get to serve 12 month of her sentence in such a halfway house facility. The federal judge said that the Reality TV star should have made the request at her sentencing hearing earlier this month not earlier this week. Giudice’s new lawyer Stacy Ann Biancammo says the RHONJ star’s old attorney Harry Klingman did not inform her of that and in fact recommended that she not ask for a specific facility to be detained in for her prison time. Even with the Judge’s decision this week, the Bureau of Prisons could still make the call on where Giudice will be. “The Bureau of Prisons will handle their affairs as they see fit,” curtly noted Salas on Wednesday.

Ignorance was Giudice’s excuse on both the multimillion charges she and her husband Joe Giudice were indicted on in July last year. bravo-logo1The RHONJ star also told Bravo’s Andy Cohen in a post-sentencing interview that she didn’t realize pleading guilty back in March to the charges meant she would actually go to prison.  “I thought my lawyer was going to fight for me, she said on the unsurprising TV special just days after the sentencing. “That’s what lawyers do. That’s pretty much why you hire an attorney.” Her husband Joe, who go 41 months in jail himself added, “I expected me — I didn’t expect her.”  As is pretty common in cases like this, the couple will serve consecutive sentences so one parent can take care of the Giudice’s four young daughters. Teresa will go to behind bars first with Joe to follow when she gets out – when of course undoubtedly there will be another Bravo special with her.

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