MGM Nabs Hot Pitch ‘Cop Swap’; Rematch With ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ Helmer Steve Pink

EXCLUSIVE: A pitch auction barely got started over the weekend when MGM moved aggressively to make a big deal for Cop Swap, a comedy that will be directed by Hot Tub Time Machine helmer Steve Pink, who is writing the script with his writing partner Jeff Morris. Nicky Weinstock will produce via his Invention Films, and head of development Whitney Thomas will executive produce.

The comedy is based on the real international exchange program of major metropolitan police departments across America: an ensemble of cops from foreign cities, all misfits in their home police forces, travel to the U.S. for a year-long internship with the LAPD — where, under the leadership of the American misfit cop assigned to babysit them, they stumble upon a major crime. The deal is high six-figures against low-seven figures; higher if you factor in Pink’s quote as a director.

jeff morrisBoth Pink and Morris have become super hot scribes and every studio was eager to hear this pitch. But this one was a bit different. From what I can gather, the pitch was to be delivered to a bunch of studios, two a day. The first pitches were delivered to Fox and Lionsgate, and from what I gather, there was chatter between Lionsgate and MGM because the former wanted to buy it and just worked with Pink on the Hot Tub Time Machine sequel. MGM’s Jon Glickman and Matt Dines were having none of that, and they moved quickly to make a deal before most of the other outposts even heard the pitch.

Both guys have been prolific. Pink, among other projects, is attached to direct Vacation Friends, a Fox pairing of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. Morris scripted the Grumpy Cat movie for director Tim Hill and Lifetime and he’s co-exec producer.

UTA and Mosaic rep Pink while UTA and Principato Young rep Morris.

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