Bill Maher Thanks Texas For Ebola Scare, Florida For Fan-gate On HBO’s ‘Real Time’: VIDEO

Bill Maher ranted about Ebola and “Fan-gate” on his HBO show Real Time last night:

“The bad news is that it’s made the sexy nurse costume for Halloween totally obsolete… I am really pissed about how badly this was handled. One patient came here, we could have quashed it right away. Have you read about what was going on in that hospital down in Dallas — thank you Texas!.. What is that, leaving the [nurse’s] neck exposed when you’re dealing with Ebola? It’s like wearing a condom that only covers your balls.

“Now we have an Ebola czar who will hopefully will be answering the tough questions like, ‘I have Ebola, should I get on a plane’?”

[Florida gubernatorial candidate] Charlie Crist – he was right here on this show a few months ago. He used a little fan – he’s a sweat-er!… Today Bill Clinton came out defending Charlie Crist. He said, ‘I always had fans blowing me under the lectern’.”

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