‘The Secret Lives Of Twin Peaks’ Book To Bridge Gap Between ABC & Showtime Series

Twin Peaks fans, who’ve been away from the cult series for a while, can relax knowing they won’t be lost when Showtime returns the series to air in 2016. In addition to rewatching old episodes, they’ll have some extra reading material at their fingertips, so they can catch up on the lives of the eccentric town folk. Macmillan division Flatiron Books announced that it will publish The Twin Peaks Book To Bridge Gap Between ABC & Showtime SeriesSecret Lives Of Twin Peaks by the series co-creator and executive producer Mark Frost, a tome which reveals what Special Agent Dale Cooper, Audrey, The Log Lady, the small dancing man and the entire Twin Peaks gang have been up to since we last left them in 1992. The book will also offer a deeper insight into the central Laura Palmer mystery that jarred the Washington state town. The book will hit shelves in late 2015. The Secret Lives Of Twin Peaks was sold in an exclusive by Ed Victor of Ed Victor, Ltd. to Flatiron president and publisher Bob Miller, with editorial director Colin Dickerman editing.

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During the height of the series in the early ’90s, there were a number of ancillary novels published. They were often written by relatives of David Lynch and Frost. Between the summer of the first and second season in 1990, Lynch’s daughter Jennifer Lynch wrote The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer, which provided fans with much needed information about the slain homecoming Queen, who behind the sash was an abused, drug-addled teen. Scott Frost’s (Mark’s brother), The Autobiography of F.B.I. Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes (1991) which were transcripts of the character’s audio recordings from his Philly Quaker childhood to the day he was assigned to Palmer’s murder. Also in 1991, there was the satirical travel guide published by the Twin Peaks Chamber of Commerce, Twin Peaks: An Access Guide To The Town. Simon & Schuster also published the audio book, performed by Dale Cooper himself, Kyle MacLachlan, Diane – The Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper, which offered a mix of new dictations from Cooper to his fictitious assistant, as well as classic recordings from the show.

Around the world, The Secret Lives Of Twin Peaks will be published by Pan Macmillan in the UK, Finnish rights sold to Otava, Mondadori will publish in Italy, in Brazil, rights were sold to Companhia das Letras, and Kiepenheuer & Witsch are the German publishers.

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