Showtime Ratings: 2.5M Subscribers Watch ‘The Affair’ — Network’s Best Ever Series Debut Live + 3 Lift : UPDATE

UPDATE, 3:05 PM: Showtime says 2.5 million subscribers have watched The Affair opening episode across various platforms, in what is its best Live + 3 lift ever for a Showtime series debut. With Live+3 for Sunday and replays, The Affair has been viewed by 1.68 million viewers on the linear network. With the addition of the 850,000 on-demand and authenticated platforms, the pilot has been viewed by 2.5 million subscribers to-date — with more linear, On-Demand, Showtime Anytime and DVR/Live+7 viewing to come. On authenticated platforms only,  the pilot episode is pacing 90% above Penny Dreadful, 140% above Masters Of Sex, and 130% above Ray Donovan’s freshman premieres in the week after the linear debut.

Live + 3 viewing of the series’ premiere night added 51% to the audience (412,000 viewers), bringing the total delivery to 1.221 million — vs 809,000 for Live + Same Day. That’s the best +3 percent lift ever for a Showtime series debut night.

The actual 10 PM Sunday premiere logged 792,000 viewers: 507,000 same-day viewers and another 285,000 who recorded and watched over three days.  Showtime says it’s the best +3 percent lift ever for any of its series’ debuts.

The pilot received more than 600,000 views across On Demand and Authenticated platforms in advance of its linear premiere, ranking as the network’s most-watched sneak preview through a comparable time frame. To date, the pilot has received more than 850,000 views total across On Demand and Showtime Anytime through Thursday —  the network’s best performance by a new series. In this measure, the opening episode is pacing 6% ahead of Penny Dreadful, 9% ahead of Masters Of Sex, and 24% ahead of Ray Donovan.

PREVIOUS, Thursday: Showtime says it’s waiting until Live+3 Day numbers are available tomorrow to decide how viewers felt about The Affair. A network rep explained that, given how significantly its shows are time-shifted these days — more than 70% — the old Live+Same Day stats represent nothing but the level of reporters’ anxiety to post numbers the next day. Showtime’s not the only network making that argument — FX has been leading that charge.

In advance of tomorrow’s ratings release, Showtime says one week’s worth of sampling shows The Affair was its strongest performer of any new recent series, outstripping Penny Dreadful, Masters Of Sex and Ray Donovan – 600,000 in one week On Demand and on Showtime Anytime. And, all 600K were subscribers — that number does not include those who took advantage of Showtime’s offer to give non-subscribers an early opportunity to sample the steamy drama, starring Dominic West, Maura Tierney and Ruth Wilson, across multiple platforms before the series premiered on Sunday, via YouTube, iTunes, etc.

And, yes, The Affair‘s Live+SD opening stats were flaccid: 507,000 viewers Sunday night at 10 PM, which is about half the Live+SD debut sampling of 1 millin for Masters Of Sex, for instance. Affair‘s lead-in, Homeland, had delivered it a crowd of 1.22 million.

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