‘Talk Is Cheap’ And So Is A Producing Credit … Only $1. No, Really.

Dreams come cheap, right? $1 for a lottery ticket and now, $1 for a producing credit? For a movie that could conceivably have more producers than there are zombies in The Walking Dead, Barrie Osborne (one of the producers on The Lord Of The Rings and The Matrix) is looking to Kickstarter to help fund his next film outing, Talk Is Cheap. And he’s giving away producing credits for the contribution of only $1 on his hopeful way to raise $1.5M.

So far there are 74 … no wait … 80 backers (wow, it raised in a matter of seconds). So does this mean he’s going to serve up 80 producer credits? “Associate producer credits,” says Osborne’s and director-writer-producer Jim Jarrett’s PR spokesman. Really? Yes. If successfully funded, the film’s on-screen credit crawl could include the individual names of at least 1.5 million Kickstarter contributors. Make that 1.5 million and three — John Labrie is producing with Osborne and Jarrett.

Talk Is CheapIt’s a good gimmick for a little film that is described as a story “about a father and daughter and how one teenager’s viral vow of silence ignites a revolution that gives true voice to a generation demanding change.” Um, it’s about climate change.

The filmmakers unveiled their indie project today, formally launching an online campaign and has only raised under $3,000 so far. Geez, with a $25 donation, you could probably talk your way into becoming an executive producer. No, actually, with a $25 donation, you can name 25 people to become associate producers. So, I guess they are wanting a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Hmmm, so I guess $50 could get you an exec producer credit. Right?

“No,” says Jarrett. “It’s $1 per person. You can’t buy your way into an executive producer credit. For me, it’s not a gimmick. From the bottom of my heart, it’s not a gimmick. It’s being done to show the power of one person.”

OK, I thought it was a fun thing. Apparently not. I stand corrected. Heavy sigh.

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