Nancy Snyderman No Ebola Risk To Others Says CDC Chief; Matt Lauer Insists She Owned Up To Mistake

A public health nurse is monitoring Nancy Snyderman and her crew members twice a day, and police are conducting increased surveillance of her home area, Princeton health officer Jeff Grosser assured town council members, in re new procedures in place since NBC’s chief medical editor violated her quarantine.

Meanwhile, Snyderman was being flamed in comments on NBC News’ website over her statement about the quarantine nose-thumbing. In that statement, read on air last night by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, she did not acknowledge participating in the violation, instead describing it as “members of our group” having violated “those guidelines.” (NBC News, on its website, has filed its coverage of Snyderman’s statement and new, stricter quarantine situation under the headline: “Dr. Nancy Synderman: ‘We remain healthy’.”)

And yet, NBC News’ Matt Lauer, buttonholed by TMZ this morning, insisted Snyderman “admitted she was wrong,” adding, “I think she knows she made a mistake.”

In the comments section of NBC News’ coverage, however, readers do not seem convinced:

The ultimate in hypocrisy. It was Dr. Snyderman, not “members of her group” who violated the ‪#‎ebola‬ quarantine. Dr. Synderman should be fired from ‪#‎NBC‬ and should be stripped of her medical license.

–Resign, your trust and credibility are zero now. Otherwise you take the network down with you,” advises one reader.

— Even if you are “sure” you aren’t contagious, don’t go on TV and publicly say you’ll quarantine yourself and your staff voluntarily “in an abundance of caution” if you don’t mean it!!   By violating your own pledge, you’ve lost all credibility.   It comes across as though the commitment to quarantine was only a political move done to curry favor from the viewers.   I, for one, won’t be paying attention to Dr. Nancy in the future and, unless NBC takes a strong position on this, I’ll find my news on other networks.

Loads more where that came from.

Snyderman’s now-mandatory quarantine is in effect until 11:59 PM on October 22, Grosser announced, according to the website Planet Princeton, which first broke the news that Snyderman had been spotted in her black Mercedes, double-parked outside the Peasant Grill, while a passenger went inside the eatery to get food. That was news because Snyderman was under voluntary quarantine upon returning to the U.S. from Africa after her cameraman was diagnosed with ebola. The day after her food-run sighting, the New Jersey Health Department slapped her with a mandatory quarantine. When asked, CDC Director Tom Frieden assured CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today that “if [Snyderman] was not sick, she was not putting others at risk” when she violated her quarantine.

In her statement, Snyderman said, “As a health professional, I know that we have no symptoms and pose no risk to the public, but I am deeply sorry for the concerns this episode caused.”

Grosser, however, explained to Princeton council members that she’s classified as “low risk,” not “no risk,” because she came into close contact with – within three feet of — someone who tested positive for ebola. Low risk means they could have been exposed to sweat, saliva or had some other form of contact, Grosser said, according to Planet Princeton’s coverage of the meeting.

Grosser also said he’s communicated with Hopewell Boro “regarding the recent incident”  — Hopewell being where the restaurant that Snyderman visited is located.

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