‘Saturday Night Live’: Bill Hader’s Stefon Stops By ‘Weekend Update’ — Watch

This clip is a reminder of how funny bits used to be on Saturday Night Live.

It would have been a comedy crime if Bill Hader’s city correspondent, Stefon, didn’t stop by the Weekend Update news desk, so of course, he did.  Tauntaun Star WarsHader never just made his Gotham alter ego a plain effeminate guy; it’s the wild voices that are Stefon’s trademarks, and this time the comedian folds in his killer impersonation of a Tauntaun from Star Wars.

Stefon offered up his latest picks of those clubs you’ll never want to visit in New York City, i.e.: “If you’re some dumb folks looking to get murdered, I know just the place for you…This Park Slope slop bucket gives new meaning to the little woman who played the principal in Kindergarten Cop. It has everything: asbestos, lupus, the magazines from Supercuts…and MTV’s Dan Cortese.”


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