Stephen Colbert Outs Bill O’Reilly — Politics-Wise (Video)

Stephen Colbert continues to revel in his final several months of cable-content freedom on Comedy Central before taking the broadcast bit in his mouth next year. Last night he confessed to having been a closeted Republican all these years on The Colbert Report, and encouraged “all closeted Republicans who are are afraid to be themselves to join me. I’m looking at you, Papa Bear,” Colbert said — that’s FNC’s Bill O’Reilly, with whom Colbert frequently engages in on-air pot-shotting – most recently over O’Reilly’s suggestion that the U.S. hire mercenaries to be its boots on the ground in its battle with ISIS.

He showed clips of O’Reilly insisting he’s a political Independent who says, “but I know both parties pretty well.”

“Okay, girlfriend – whatever helps you cry yourself to sleep at night. We can talk when you’re ready.”

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