Teresa Giudice Takes The Fifth When Asked If She’d Have Landed Prison Time Were She Not A Reality TV

Part 2 of Bravo’s interview with sadder-but-wiser Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice airs tonight. Andy Cohen interviewed the couple the day after a federal judge sentenced them to time in the hoosegow on conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud charges. The bar has been set high. In Part 1 of Watch What Happens Live episode: One-On-One With Teresa And Joe,  Teresa revealed she is so frugal, “I would buy a used home” — presumably from a used-home dealer. And Joe revealed he’s more scared for his wife than he is for himself in re going to the slammer, because, “If you stick me with a knife, I probably wouldn’t feel it.”

On the bright side, Bravo has promised that Joe will explain how drinking wine like “sucking a bottle of milk.” Here’s how it played out:

6 PM: “In court papers you claim that The Real Housewives of New Jersey is scripted: ‘The image is little more than a carefully crafted fiction, engineered by Bravo TV through scripted lines and clever editing.’ Um, what did you mean by that?” Andy Cohen —  who is an exec producer of the show — asks Teresa.

“Meaning there are editors on the show. There are producers,” she explains. “Yeah, were you told, like, to flip the table?” he grills her  — without disclosing that he is one of the show’s producers. Teresa admits that was her idea. “Were you told to fight with Melissa or Joe?” he continues to grill, while continuing not to disclose his producer role on the show.  She begins to answer that she did not like the way she was portrayed on the show, and looks like she’s winning this line of talk;  Andy backs off quickly with, “Yeah, we’ve had this discussion many times.”

Andy says a lot of people on social media suggested she was on her best behavior this season and “putting on a show” so she could “gain favor with the judge.” “You see what I mean?” she shoots back. “That’s the real Teresa. And that’s my point.” Andy seems irked. “There’s been a chorus of people as the show’s aired this season who felt you shouldn’t be on the show, because of the charges and your guilty plea. What’s your reaction?” he continues, darker and darker. While you or I might have responded: ” Andy, you’re, you know,  the exec producer — you tell me what’s YOUR reaction” Teresa goes with the smarter answer:  “I’m a working mom. I’m supporting my family, and that’s why I’m on the show.”

“When you were here last you blamed being on the show as a reason for these charges,” Andy presses. “Do you still blame The Real Housewives of New Jersey for your troubles?”  They insist they do not. “Do you think you would be going to jail if you had never done The Real Housewives of New Jersey?” continues Andy, sounding more and more like a defense lawyer for the show who is trying to lead a witness.

“I’m not going to answer that,” Teresa responds stoutly.

6:05 PM: Andy wonders how much her earrings are worth. “These are not real,” she says. “Oh — they look good,” Andy compliments. “My whole thing is, diamond earrings, they could fall down the drain, whatever.”

Their three homes are all for sale.

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6:07 PM: Andy asks Joe, who is not an American citizen, if he’s worried he’s going to be deported once he gets out of jail.  Joe: “I’m going to worry about that when the time comes…It’s not such a bad thing.” “It’s in god’s hands,” adds Teresa.

6:08 PM:  “I’d do 10 years just to see him again,” Joe proclaims, in re his 41-month prison sentence, and his dad’s death. “That’s nice,” Andy says.

6:14 PM: Andy asks Joe about his attorney having tried to get him sentenced to rehab, claiming he has a drinking problem.  “Before we started this Real Housewives stuff I think I only used to drink on the weekend. Now I drink every day. I might have a little problem — I’m not gonna lie,”  Joe says. He usually puts away three or four bottles a night, with a friend. “It’s like sucking a bottle of milk.. it’s like nothing.” he says, explaining drinking helps him sleep. “It’s either that or I got to take a pill and I don’t want to take a pill.”

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6:16 PM:  Teresa tells Joe to put a sock in it when he starts to answer Andy’s question about an October 14 hearing on charges Joe tried to get a drivers license using a relative’s ID.

6:18 PM: Their convictions have “killed everything,” Joe says of their various businesses.

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6:22 PM: The couple fudges it when asked if they would do Housewives if they could turn back the hand of time. She declines to answer a question as to whether she thinks she’d have been given jail time, were she not on a reality TV show. She vehemently denies she had her hair and makeup done before her sentencing, insisting stoutly she does her own makeup and had her hair done the previous day.

6:28 PM: Andy asks Joe if he feels guilty for what he did. “I do but, at the same time —  what am I going to do? ” Asked how it feels to know his actions resulted in his wife becoming a convicted felon who’s heading to jail, Joe said, “Obviously not good.”

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6:29 PM: Andy give  Joe the opportunity to say anything he wants to Teresa “in front of everybody”  — because what’s the point of saying it off-camera. “I just want to apologize I got you into this mess and I don’t even know what else to say. If I could take it all back I would. But I can’t,” Joe says, mumbling, “I tried to do whatever I could” to keep her out of the hoosegow, but “I had no control over that.” Teresa, for her part, says she wants “to apologize to people out there that I let down and want to say I’m deeply sorry for what I’ve done.”

They say they love each other and kiss.

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